Signature Marketing is a woman-owned small business established in 1990. The business started from an idea and grew into a national and even international operation. Both of Signature Marketing's owners, Evelyn Golden and Jonas Strimaitis, are business professionals with many years of experience in businesses just like yours. Evelyn has earned a Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certification and Jonas is a Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS).  Certifications were earned through the promotion products industry -- which means they are both trained to work with you as you make product and program decisions.

Long before it was popular, a personal interest in recycling and the environment on the part of the two owners resulted in a focus on environmental products...and eventually contracts to provide promotion products to major organizations such as the US Government, America Recycles, several states, and to become the U.S. Distributor for Garden Gourmet compost bins.

Our clients have come to appreciate the professional business background of Signature Marketing's employees. We've worked in large and small organizations, national and international companies-we understand your needs.

Clients We Serve - Businesses of all sizes; colleges and universities; US Government and municipalities, non-profit organizations, States, religious organizations and many more.

Recent comments from customers:

"Not only were the recycled pencils well received by students as a promotional item, but we have had unexpected devotees as well. The "regular" pencils an administrator had been buying were frequently breaking and rough on her hands. The recycled paper pencils have solved both of those problems. They hold up well, sharpen well and aren't at all rough on her hands. She can't get over how much she loves the pencils."
          East Coast University

"We had three days before our event and realized that we forgot to order our trade show lanyards!. Signature Marketing came to the rescue. We got our lanyards just in time."
          Major Utility

"We'd never used a recycled glass award and were concerned about how our manager would like them-well, short story! He loved them and we'll be back for more."
          State Purchaser